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Tendersinfo is one of the best and largest database of a latest projects. Tendersinfo provides comprehensive information on upcoming projects, ongoing projects and projects that are at the completion stage. Tendersinfo is the ultimate destination to get all Construction Projects, IT Projects, Oil and gas projects , Infrastructure Projects, Power Projects, Railway Projects, Road Projects, Food processing Projects, Drugs and Pharmaceutical Projects.

Contract Awards are the notifications about the companies who had won the contracts in the recent past with description of the won contract and other details as and when available. The contract is assigned usually after careful consideration and evaluation of a range of criteria. The method of awarding contract varies widely from company to company and from country to country. TendersInfo is a world-wide platform to get information on Government Contracts, Federal Contracts, Corporate Contracts, IT Contracts, Construction Contracts and other Public Sector Contracts details.

Procurement is the acquisition of goods and/or services. Public procurement is an important sector of the economy. TendersInfo keeps you updated about latest acquisition happenings around the globe. It provides in-depth coverage of the world wide acquisition, including contract awards, contract additions, and other significant event contracts. All Government Procurement, Corporate Procurement, IT Procurement, Public and Private Procurement news are available at

Tendersinfo through Profile provide an instant guide to history, geography, politics, government and economic background of countries and territories, and background on key business opportunities in the form of latest live as well as archive tenders. Tendersinfo provides maps of the Countries, Funding agencies and Major organizations. It also exhibits Doing Business Guides, Import and Export Rules and foremost important thing Current and Archived Tenders.

Euclid Infotech Pvt Ltd. offers services to support your Company in all of the required steps to guarantee your successful participation to any Public Tender/Contract. We will attend to all of the bureaucracy and regional impediments that too often result in a massive loss of time and capital.

We are proud to announce the introduction of an innovative service: Bid Consultation Service: We will provide you with full-time support with a highly qualified team presiding over every stage of your process.

Bid Consultation Services:

  • Purchase of Tender Document on your behalf
  • Attending Pre & Post bid conference
  • Establish Liaison relations with Tendering Authority
  • Gathering Business/Market intelligence information for the subject Tender
  • Assisting in Bid Bond formalities
  • Translation Services
  • Submitting the duly filled Tender Document
  • Attending Bid Opening on your behalf and reporting to you
  • Local Logistical assistance, assistance in Visa formalities, boarding, traveling etc.
  • Assistance in identifying Local partners, Sponsors, Joint Ventures etc if required for a particular bid
  • Other relevant activities to enhance your chance of winning and post activities i.e.; follow up for release of bid bond etc.
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